U.s. And West European Countries Essay

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In most modernized democracy, U.S. and West European countries, there exist of government influences that revolve around social and economic policies. Social polices mainly concerns of ideals that directly promote the well-being of every individual in society; most social policies tend to target different groups involved, with the opinion of existing biased towards the wealthy (Greenberg and Page 2007, p. 414). Economic policies are policies with the ideal of improving the welfare of individuals through managing and improving the economy. Economic policies had become a major part of democracy as the views on such policies became a great influence on the selection process of national leaders and national elections can be decided on the competency of a political party’s ability to improve the economy (Greenberg and Page 2007, p. 415). The U.S. has social and economic policies that focus on the benefiting all individuals, such as income support and health care and protecting the interest of individuals with policies that extend beyond the poor; West European countries differ in the aspect that it may seem value national well- being over individual interest. U.S. social policies have the tendency to provide benefits to the less wealthy and tries to extend benefits to equally benefit all citizens, policies that include unemployment aid, food stamps and educational aid are those of welfare states. The U.S. social policies have a tendency to provide for the less wealthy…

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