Essay on U.s. Afghanist Get Them Out !

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U.S Soldiers in Afghanistan: Get Them Out!
It’s been said that president Obama has planned to pull out troops in Afghanistan by 2016 from the war that began in 2001. This war has sent about 831,576 troops to serve in Afghanistan and about 2,184 soldiers have died 19,600 have been wounded in this war and roughly $537.8 billion has been dropped on this war (Martinez). The question most frequently asked is why are we still here? The answer is unknown or there are arguments to the answer as to why we are still there. The U.S should reconsider pulling out all troops altogether leaving none behind to fight for another country 's war. One reason we need to pull out of Afghanistan is plain and simple way to much money is being spent on the war and for no real reason because we shouldn’t be there anymore. Most of the money being used for the war is from the U.S taxpayers and billions have been put towards it, roughly $537.8 billion (Martinez). The war has been paid with taxpayers and borrowing so ultimately this war is a contributor to the nation 's debt. Not only has the war already cost the U.S a lot of money already it’s believed it will cost the U.S more after it is all said and done due to paying for damages (Dyer; Sorvino). Also, too many American lives have been lost in the war. It’s been reported that 2,184 soldiers have lost their lives fighting in Afghanistan (Martinez). If we would have pulled troops out after we accomplished the mission we were sent to do the…

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