Government Inefficiency Essay

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In one wanted to cause a heated debate, all they must do is mention Congress and its inefficiency. Many venture to take a guess as to why it is so inefficient, citing the individual members or the design itself. However, an overwhelming amount of American citizens are unaware of the fact that the inefficiency they complain about is actually how the government is supposed to function. One of the major criticisms of government inefficiency is of the members themselves, regular people are tired of the inaction and ceremonial legislation, and the solution is to replace every incumbent. On the other hand, criticism of the system’s structure has been cited as the reason for inefficiency, and that if all members of Congress are replaced, given time, the system will revert back to its inefficiency. In reality, government inefficiency can be attributed to both the system and the people, both the citizens and the elected, as elected officials are acting in ways that are required by the system, and the system hinders any quick action, leading to cyclical inaction. One cause of government inefficiency is due to the fact that terms for members of the House of Representatives are only two years long, meaning that every two years, one-third of the Senate and all members of the House are up for reelection. This creates an inability for …show more content…
However, both arguments ignore the fact that the system was created to be inefficient. While frustrating, government inaction and political gridlock prevents a tyranny of the majority. If the government followed every will and whim of the people, the country would be in a worse state than now. The Founding Fathers built the system of government to be inefficient, so that no one group’s desires are forced upon the rest of the country. While infuriating, the current inaction seen today is a sign that the government is working

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