Typology In The Old Testament Essay

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Typology in the Old testament is mostly Christologically centered. A classic example is The sacrifice of The Passover Lamb. The New Testament verifies typology as a legitimate form of biblical interpretation. (see 1 Cor. 5:7; John 1:29; 1 Peter 1:19) But what of typology in the Old Testament not officially sanctioned by the New Testament writers? Many types of Christ found in the Old Testament are not specifically cited in the New Testament. Joseph, son of Jacob, is a classic example. Any internet search of Joseph/typology will give plenteous prolepses of Christ.

The same hermeneutic that applies to types of Christ, may also apply to types of The Antichrist; whether specifically supported in the New Testament or not. One such supported type
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The Antichrist shall “force his will” as his burning obsession with worship causes him to stand in the rebuilt Jewish temple; proclaiming himself as God. As Nimrod was obsessed with his name, The Antichrist will be obsessed with his name. And as King Herod, another type of Antichrist, financed Herod’s temple, The Antichrist may finance the future building of the temple in Jerusalem. One almost gets the sense that The Antichrist will stand up in the Jewish temple and say, “I built this. Worship me!” This same attitude was found in King Nebuchadnezzar, yet another type of Antichrist, who, while referring to Babylon, said, “Is this not Babylon the great, which I myself have built as a royal residence by the might of my power and for the glory of my majesty?” (Daniel 4:30) (It might be noted, that after that pronouncement, God transformed King Nebuchadnezzar into a beast, the same word used to describe The Antichrist in Revelation 13:1.) Yet the future Jewish temple will be built for the name of the Lord (at least in the minds of the Jews). At some point, The Antichrist will demand to be worshipped as God, as he, as Antiochus Epiphanes did before him, …show more content…
The Bible does not say he “founded” the cities of Babel, Nineveh, Rehoboth and Calah. It says he “built them”. On page 222 of his book, Pink says Nimrod had an “inordinate desire for fame. His consuming desire for himself was to make a name.” As pointed out previously, who on the planet today is more obsessed with his own name than DONALD TRUMP?
At an early age, Donald Trump left his father’s real estate construction business in Brooklyn and set his sights on Manhattan. Donald Trump soon informed the mayor of New York City that he would be the most famous man in that town. Trump built high rise towers in various places, and trademarked his own name preventing others from using it, even if “Trump” was their surname. Trump has made “millions and millions” of dollars by simply leasing out the name, TRUMP, so companies can emblazon it on the sides of their

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