Typography And The Field Of Graphic Design Essay

1644 Words Nov 17th, 2016 7 Pages
Whether the use is taken into consideration or not, it is safe to say that any professional use of text utilizes some form of rhetoric in order to carry out the intended purpose, and hopefully, successfully does so. Although many consider it to be purely visual in nature, typography as a use of words also carries out this definition. Although it is previously established to be focussed on the arranging and appearance of text, by nature, the text itself must also be considered as part of the work’s purpose - In a sense, the text, especially in the field of graphic design, is its own genre. Perhaps this loss of understanding originates from how typography is considered and utilize by those in the field itself. That being said, what are the principles of typography and the proper methodology to follow through with in the field of graphic design, and moreover, are graphic design students, the upcoming professionals, enforcing proper methodology and typography skills when creating their own works, and are their works effective? Before venturing further into the topic, it is important to fully understand typography as a genre and a medium, and to understand what purpose it is meant to serve in graphic design works. Again, it is most commonly understood that typography is a visual consideration of text rather than a literary consideration. With graphic design being a visual arts focussed discourse, many would not hesitate to challenge this definition of the genre. However, it is…

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