Types Of Year Round Schooling : Single Track And Multiple Track

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Schools that are in session year-round have become more common over the years. Many people think year-round schooling allows no breaks for their students; however, that is not the case. There are two types of year-round schooling: single track and multiple track. Single track is a year-round system in which all students and staff are on the same schedule. Whereas; with multiple track, the students are broken into groups with one on vacation and the other attending school. The groups of students rotate, but the staff is continuously teaching. Schools should adopt a year-round educational system, because the longer, more frequent breaks allow for schools to see a noticeable change in the attitude and attendance of their staff and students. The undivided purpose of a school is to get students prepared for the real world. Throughout school, students will grow and change over the years as well as adjust their behaviors to society. Students will become what they were throughout school, in the future. The process of growing up as well as the decisions students are faced to make influence what they will become. Students may not realize their involvement throughout twelve years of schooling will change dramatically, however, every experience a student is faced with, good or bad, reflects on the person they will become in the future. Over the years, students will experience new things, try new things, and associate with new people.
Schools are not meant for students to grow up…

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