Types Of Treatment Available For Drug Addiction Essay example

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Types of Treatment Available for Drug Addictions

Once you have arrived at the place in your life where you have accepted the fact that you have a drug addiction problem, your next step is to get help. There are different Levels of Care for Drug Treatment Centers as well as different types of treatment. Patient have various needs that depend upon the extent of their addiction and the type of drug that is being abused. The following is an overview of what is available, and the needs that are met for particular individuals.

Inpatient or residential programs
These types of programs are considered to be the most effective treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. Basically, a patient checks into a rehabilitation facility and remains there for a certain amount of time. During a person 's stay, they will have no access to drugs, and will be given both the psychological and medical attention they need. This type of program is often necessary for those with long-term addiction issues. The withdrawal of drugs can result in a medical emergency. However, having a qualified medical staff at hand means getting the attention necessary.

Twelve step programs
These treatment programs have their roots in Alcoholics Anonymous. This organization began in 1935, and they have a long and proven track record of success. The program consists of twelve steps that are completed in succession. One step following the previous one. At the end of this time, you will have begun a life of sobriety.…

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