Types Of Traits And Traits Essay examples

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In this chapter, complex traits, or otherwise known as quantitative traits, were examined. Quantitative traits are determined numerically, as well as by different genes that are influenced by the surrounding environment. A few examples of these types of traits include, but not limited to, height, the rate of our ability to metabolize food, and the speed of a cheetah when chasing its prey. To begin, quantitative traits can be anatomical, physiological, and behavioral traits, as well as diseases. These types of traits are examined across a species rather than between species. These are typical traits of the species that every organism has in that species, but the traits can have different characteristics. For instance, each human has two eyes, but each human doesn’t have just brown eyes. Humans can have green, brown, blue, or hazel eyes. Diseases are also considered a quantitative trait because they exhibit characteristics that are similar across species, as well as the inheritance patterns of these diseases are similar throughout the organisms.
Overall, the importance of the quantitative genetics and quantitative traits are that the traits across a species are easily measured and can be described very easily through numerical calculations. Traits can be defined as continuous or meristic. Continuous traits are traits that aren’t able to fall into distinct categories, like weight for example. Meristic traits are traits that can be expressed numerically, like the different…

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