Types Of The Container Freight Rate Is Influenced By The Services Of Container Transport And Container Fleet Volume

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Paper 1 uses Kondratieff wave (K-wave) strategy to present the behavior of containerization through different stages. The five waves of K-wave display the evolution and importance of containerization, with supporting data of global trade and container throughput. It shows that containerization has a cyclic behavior that may spread to a specific port or port range. It is related to the topic as it gives the general information about containerization and its importance in the trade. Meanwhile, it also points out that container volume is correlated to the development of container port by remaindering to consider the choice of port in the research.
Paper 2 is an econometric analysis about to investigate if the variation of the container freight rate is influenced by the services of container transportation and container fleet volume. It collects past two decades’ world container shipping market statistics to test the relationship between demand and freight rate.
It also uses inductive approach by firstly describing theoretic model on the container shipping freight rate and container fleet dynamics under few assumptions, and then tests the correlation between new building orders and freight rate by the data of study period. In this paper, data is quite reliable as the authors has carefully selected from some marine business relevant website likes Lloyd’s Register, Drewry and do the analysis. Since container freight rate, market demand and fleet volume are crucial factors in…

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