Types Of Skill Classifications By Using Different Sporting Examples

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The term skill is a generic term and can be used to label a wide selection of skilled actions that we carry out either on a daily basis or whilst playing sport, and in the world of sport there are a large range of activities each requiring a set of skills. Skills have many different characteristics that can change in different circumstances, which makes classifying these skills rather difficult, therefore researchers have classified motor skills by defining features that they share. These features are then divided into a continuum and the skill is rated on each continuum. By using this approach skills can be compared on different continuums which is a much superior approach than comparing all together. This essay will help develop the understanding of different types of skill classifications by using different sporting examples to help understand what exactly skill classification is and how a skill can be developed.
The term skill is generally used to describe an activity that has a precise purpose or goal to achieve. There are many different definitions used to define the term skill, but fortunately most definitions have similar features. (McMorris 2005, pg 67) states that “Skill is the consistent production of goal oriented movements, which are learned and specific to the task”
This description implies that skill is gained or learned through making goals and working on specific areas regarding that skill, as the person is normally aiming to achieve a specific outcome. An…

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