Types Of Scholarly Research, Qualitative And Quantitative Essay

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There are two types of scholarly research, qualitative and quantitative; they are both distinct in nature. The article, Relationship of Core Self-Evaluations Traits – Self-esteem, Generalized Self-efficacy, Locus of Control, and Emotional Stability – With Job Satisfaction and Job Performance: A Meta-Analysis (Judge & Bono, 2001) is an example of quantitative research. In order to determine if the research article is credible and scholarly, it is important to not only look at the credibility of the authors, but to also look at the significance of the article, the potential gaps in the study and ensure the article comes from a peer-reviewed journal.

There are two very different methods of scholarly research; quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative research uses statistical analysis and is more rigid. The data is of primary importance and conclusions are drawn from the interpretation of the data in quantitative research. Qualitative research, on the other hand, uses context and develops from the professional experience of the researcher (including scholarly literature). There is no initial theory is qualitative research but quantitative research starts with a theory. Qualitative research theories are grounded in the information collected and emerge from said information (Capella, 2015, QVQR).
The methodology of this article, in particular, was qualitative. The research was completed through a review of literature found through the PsychINFO database and a manual…

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