Types Of Religions Within The World Essay

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There are many types of religions in the world, all in which different cultures believe in. It is one thing to be raised and taught to believe in a “God” but it is an other thing when that “God” is proven real. Many people believe in a “higher power” but do not want to classify that “higher power” so that it does not change their lifestyle or their behaviour. Humans like to be comfortable in their own skin, with their own beliefs, therefore, they will try and convince themselves in what they believe is real for their own comfort. In that case, couldn 't that be very scary if they are wrong? In today’s day in age, no religion is the new religion. We no longer want to praise and worship God, people want to worship celebrities, by surrounding themselves with their music, movies, talents and completely having a new type of “God” also know as, idolatry.

A religious icon that is best known in our world, I believe is Jesus Christ. He was an icon over 2000 years ago for the christian believers, and the rest of the world. Jesus Christ’s existence had a huge significance in our world that still effects us today. He was known as the “Son of God” and “The Messiah” in the Hebrew language meaning “the promised deliverer”. There is so much proof of his existence during that time, even non-believers have stated that Jesus was in fact a real man. Jesus came into our world in a specific manner which fulfilled the old testament’s prophecies. Therefore, for people who know the prophecies,…

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