Types Of Pre Operational Thought Essay

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Pre-school aged children think in a simple way. They have yet to process thinking in the complex way that older children do. In the complex way of branching off a single thought. Pre-school aged children do not have the ability to take a single thought and come up with different solutions or knowledge. For example, older children or even adults can take the months of the year and we know that they are more than just months. We can trace them back to history and we know why they are named the way they are and we know who created them. Young children do not get that knowledge and see everything in its simplest form. There are characteristics that Piaget came up with that go deeper into how pre-school children think. Four of the characteristics of pre-operational thought are perception-based, unidimensional, irreversibility, and egocentrism.
Perception-based thought is when a child cannot distinguish the difference in the way something looks or sounds. In this matter the child cannot overcome the misguided perception because of their lack of reason in the circumstances. For example, two children get an ice cream cone and both cones weigh the same at four ounces, the younger child might think that their cone is smaller than their siblings. This may be because the younger child’s cone is shorter. They insist that they got less ice cream. The younger child believes this because they do not have knowledge of how something is weighed and it’s already has it in their mind that…

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