Essay about Types Of Policy Proposed For Medicaid Eligibility

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Type of Policy Proposed

The ACA has many policies that can be classified as legislative, modified policy or regulatory. The individual mandate, which requires individuals to have essential coverage is a type of legislative policy that is implemented by the government. The decision to expand Medicaid, however, can be classified as a modified policy. The Supreme Court modified the policy stating that states do not have to participate in the expansion of Medicaid eligibility. The administration has then clarified that states may choose to enter the expansion at any time and still receive funding (“ACA Rules”, 2012). The ACA has also provided many rules and regulations to protect health insurance market reforms, essential benefits and wellness programs that benefit women. These set of regulations are implemented by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Department of Health and Human Services (“Medicaid Eligibility”, 2011). The CMS has prevented insurance companies from discriminating against preexisting conditions and protect consumers from insurance provider abuses (“Affordable Care Act”, 2015). It also requires the health market reform to include fair health insurance premiums. The Department of Health and Human Services proposed rules to help consumers shop for health insurance options. It has also provided Americans access to quality affordable health insurance by providing a core package of items and services such as emergency services, maternity…

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