Types Of Personality Disorder Is Dependent Personality ( Dpd )

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When people think of or hear the word personality, what usually comes to mind is how that person dresses, the way they speak or even how they carry themselves on a daily basis. However, some people have personality disorders. One type of personality disorder is dependent personality(DPD). This is a mental condition where one feels the need to depend on others to fulfill their emotional and physical needs. Individuals with this disorder tend to let other people take responsibility for their own lives, without the initiative to do or think on their own. They fear disapproval and rejection, which can sometimes lead them to do preposterous tasks or even endure physical and verbal abuse, to gain people attention and support. Depression is much higher in people with dependent personality disorders.”According to one psychodynamic theory, dependent personalities are defending themselves against unconscious hostility. They need to ward off this emotion, which was originally directed against overbearing parents, so they submit to others as a way to avoid showing or even acknowledging anger( Harvard Health Publications-Dependent personality disorder)”. In the DSM-5, the prevalence of Dependent Personality Disorder was found to be 0.49% in the early 2000 's, and is diagnosed much more frequently in females than males (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). This paper will discuss the history/ treatment of Dependent Personality Disorder.

Chapter Two: Review of Literature…

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