Essay on Types Of Parents Based On Their Level Of Involvement

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“You better not be on that phone unless all of your homework is done.” The line I hear from my parents on a weekly basis. Although I’ve really only been taking a brief intermission from my calculus homework and APUSH outlining, to them a minute spent not being productive is a minute wasted. All parents have different perspectives on how much to intervene in the academic and personal lives of their children, but my parents have a unique position— they don’t want the personal lives of me and my siblings to feel stifled, yet don’t hesitate to entangle themselves in our educational lives.
In distinguishing types of parents based on their level of involvement in their children’s scholastic and personal lives, the most recognizable is the one who is extremely involved in their child’s education. If there is a PTO meeting, they will be there. If there is a problem with a teacher, they won’t hesitate to send them e-mail. Sometimes, these parents know what grade their child has scored on a test before the student even does. As the child of two parents who like to keep themselves updated with the happenings at school (most likely because they are well-educated and did very well in high school, so they know that this is a successful solution), this can be extremely bothersome, as I am more likely to be productive if I’ve motivated myself rather than being commanded to do something by others.
While the parents who hover over their child’s grades and assignments like a ravenous vulture…

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