Essay about Types Of Paraphilias As An Emotional Disorder

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Paraphilias is derived from the Greek word “Para” which means around or beside and the word “Philia” which means love. A term coined in the early 1900’s to describe atypical sexual behaviors. It is described as an emotional disorder that are ascertained to be as sexually arousing fantasies, recurrent behaviors that interferes with social function and other important daily functioning. Regarded as a sexual dysfunction, people with paraphilic condition have intense sexual fantasies and they find it difficult to control sexual urges. Statistical quantity of individuals who experience such paraphilias is impossible to quantify for various reasons. Many individuals with such experience or disorder choose to keep it for themselves because of the damage and consequence it may do, and some who are taking part in sexual culpable practices prefers not reporting their paraphilia.
The most commonly recognized types of paraphilias, according to the DSM-IV are:
Paraphilia Brief Description
Exhibitionism Exposing one’s genitals to an unsuspecting person or performing sexual acts that can be watched by others
Frotteurism Touching or rubbing against a non-consenting person
Voyeurism Urges to observe an non-consenting individual who is naked, undressing or engaging in sexual activities
Fetishism Sexual fascination with nonliving and uses it to gain sexual excitement.
Sexual fascination of highly specific body parts.
Pedophilia Sexual preference for prepubescent children

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