Types Of Non Verbal Communication Essay

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Have you ever wondered how the world communicated before the use of a translator? The answer is simple, non-verbal communication. Also recognized as universal communication. There are three main types of non-verbal communication; however I will touch on three. The main types of universal communications are body language; this can be anything from a smile to a hand shake. The second is voice tones; the tones of our voices can say a lot. Humans are the only specials that communicate with words. The third is intimidation; this is accomplished by a mixture of body language and tones.
It is a well-known fact that communication is the basis that all relationships are built on. The human face is greatly expressive, ready to express innumerable feelings without saying an expression. Not at all like a few types of nonverbal correspondence, outward appearances are widespread. The outward appearances for satisfaction, trouble, outrage, amaze, trepidation, and revulsion are the same over all societies. Consider how your view of individuals are influenced by the way they sit, walk, remain up, or hold their head. The way you move and conduct yourself conveys an abundance of data to the world. This kind of nonverbal correspondence incorporates your carriage, bearing, stance, and inconspicuous developments. Since the visual sense is prevailing for the vast majority, eye contact is a particularly critical sort of nonverbal correspondence. The way you take a gander at somebody can convey…

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