Essay on Types of Motivation in Advertising

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Ben Slagle
Presentation Summary
April 14th, 2014
Dr. Hanley

Advertisement Presentation Summary
In the world we live in, advertising is everything. From the local business offering a trade in deal on a billboard, or a new mother posting a picture of her baby on Facebook, all forms of advertising surround our world. When we see an advertisement, why do we act the way we do towards them? It all comes down to the motivation behind the advertisement, and the way it is supposed to make one feel. There are many types of motivation for advertisements out there, and here are a few.
To start off, there is the “Incentive” approach. What incentive advertising does, is it lures its target audience into being a part of something, or purchasing
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Therefore, the achievement motivation applies to human desire to be better. Advertisements like those of Nike, Gatorade, and even Mary Kay drive humans to be better than they are. A similar type motivational approach is growth. Growth screams positivity, and in saying that, we as humans love anything positive. The growth approach is centered on the fact that humans desire a change that can affect them positively in an emotional and physical manner. The desire for self-improvement lies deep within the human soul. Marketers love taking advantage of the achievement and growth approaches. People want to see that its possible to be better, and advertisements can do that for them.
The second to last approach is the power motivation. The idea behind the power approach is that it allows humans to believe that they are in control, and that they have the power of a situation. We enjoy being in control of our day-to-day lives, as well as being able to make every single decision, in what we think, is our best interest. Slogans like Dodge’s “Grab Life By The Horns” give the target audience the idea that they can indeed control life, and better yet, from the drivers seat of a new pick-up truck. The last type is social. Social motivation can root back to childhood insecurities of wanting to be picked by a team at recess. The idea behind this specific approach is its way of showing to the world that you can be a part of

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