Types Of Methods Used For Drug Testing Essay

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The con that may be preventing a company from going forward to implement a drug testing policy would be the accuracy of the test results. There are few different methods that used when someone is being tested. These methods include; first the most common types would be breath & urine. Some other methods that can be used to test for drug use would be hair, oral fluid, blood and sometimes even sweat. While disregarding the fact that there are many types of methods used for drug testing. Whichever method was being used, the results from each method would only confirm that the person was in fact exposed to a drug. Unfortunately, there is no way a test result could show the how long, the last time a drug was used or even a how much of the drug was consumed. However, the test result will show what types of drug(s) are in the user 's system at the time of the test. Many of the employers who implement Pre-employment drug testing all most always test for Marijuana (THC) which is known as the gateway drug to many. The employer also may test for other Substances such as Cocaine, Opiates, Phencyclidine, and Amphetamines. Some employer depending if the employer is considered within the private sector may go as far as testing for use of inhalants. Types of inhalants can be; spray paint, air duster, mostly any type of solvent or aerosol products. As with any type of testing, there is a small error rate percentage. While using the most common form of testing, urine analysis comes back with…

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