Types Of Local Government Systems Essays

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In the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, it states that local governments are a matter for the state law and not the federal law. It is because of this that the states have developed a wide range of structures and systems for local governments. The United States Census Bureau has identified four different types of local government systems. The first one is a county government, which are authorized in state constitutions and statutes. Then there are town or township governments, which are also authorized in state constitutions and statutes. They are usually referred to as municipalities and their population can vary greatly from millions of people that live in New York City to only 287 people in Jenkins Minnesota (White House, 2016). Municipalities usually take responsibility with parks and recreation services out of the other four categories of local government. They also take responsibility for police and fire departments, housing services, emergency medical services, municipal courts, public works, and transportation services (White House, 2016). They are established to provide a general government system for a specifically defined geographic division of a county. Municipalities are also authorized by state constitutions and statutes like the first two. However, municipalities are generally used to designate cities, villages and towns. The last structure of local government is called a Special-purpose local governments, which are broken up into two…

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