Types Of Human With Different Human Nature Essay

1429 Words Dec 15th, 2016 6 Pages
In this planet earth there are different types of human with different human nature. They have different mind, and every mind thinks differently. Some manage to think broad and achieve their goal whereas some get stuck in their own thoughts and cannot get out of it. Everyone cannot be good at same thing. Some might be good at one particular thing, and some might be good at several. If one person is good in singing, dancing, acting, studying, painting then it does not mean everyone have same capacity. Among the students of a single class, there could be an artist who couldn’t understand math; an entrepreneur who doesn’t care about history; a musician for whom chemistry marks doesn’t matter. If a child can manage everything and get good grades then that’s great, but if he couldn’t get good grades then no parents should take away there self confidence and dignity. He should not be forced to be good at his academics. Every child should be set free to pursue his own dream. They should feel free to do much bigger things in their life. The world has become so competitive that parents are afraid if their children can get a better future. They expect their children to perform well in their academics. Children get mentally abused when their parents demand good grades because the fear of poor academics creates pressure in them.
When a child is harmed through action or words from their family members or any other person causing any injuries, pain or other any type of effect then it is…

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