Types Of Growth Mindset And Fixed Mindset Essay examples

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There many forms of attitudes that form certain mindsets, some of this mindsets can change how a person does things and perceives things. Some mindsets that can do just that are Dweck example of growth mindset and fixed mindset. According to Dweck a growth mindset is one in which “.. students believe that intelligence is fixed..” and a growth mindset is one in which one “..believe that intelligence is a potential that can be realized through learning. As a result, confronting challenges, profiting from mistakes, and persevering in the face of setbacks become ways of getting smarter. Generally people with growth mindsets don 't let certain circumstances limit them; they don’t make excuses. If something doesn’t workout , people with growth mindsets find alternatives to do better; fixed mindsets make excuses and shutdown when setbacks happen.

There are many ways to show examples of growth mindset and fixed mindsets through people. I will be use two family members to describe both mindsets/ One of the notorious difference between both mindsets are challenges, even though both mindsets can get through certain challenges; the growth mindset seems to better handle challenges. Family member number one is someone who has a two low wage paying jobs, family member one despite having to work hard is still able to make a living and work hard to pay bills, through challenges and mistakes, they were able to know how to handle and save money. Family member number two owns a small…

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