Essay on Types Of Friendship : Utility, Pleasure, And True Friendship

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There are three types of friendship: utility, pleasure, and true friendship. Utility is when the friendship is formed because both parties or one party fulfills a specific use or need to the other party. For example, students at Gonzaga who have the same major often form study groups with each other in order to improve their grades. However, there are situations where only one party benefits from the friendship of utility. Case in point, I knew some girls in my dorm last year who did not have a car, but they befriended another person in the dorm because of their car and would ask them for rides all the time. Pleasure is when the friendship is formed because both parties share a common interest that they can enjoy together or they share in a specific pleasure of passion. For instance, my boyfriend enjoys playing magic the gathering, an extremely nerdy fantasy based collectible card game, and has made many friends who he enjoys sharing this activity with. This type of friendship can also occur between two young lovers. Utility is different because the friends are using each other to fulfill a need whereas in pleasure the friends are enjoying an interest or sharing in passion together. For true friendship, 5 factors must be in play in order for it to occur. First and foremost, the two parties must be able to recognize their own goodness and each other’s goodness. Second, they need to have an equality of experience or have shared or similar experiences that allow them to relate…

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