Types Of Finance Are Personal, Corporate And Public Finance Essay

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The objective of any business is to make money and stay afloat. It takes an especially skilled individual to balance all of the responsibilities and stress that come with being in business. This is a skill that requires years if not decades of experience and cultivation to even be considered mastered. Comparatively, a profession in finance comes with the same if not more stress, struggles and tribulations. However, once I have gained the knowledge and proficiency needed to be successful in my field of work, the rewards begin to outweigh the risk. Finance can be described as the study of money and how it is managed, and the actual process of acquiring needed funds. This is primarily because we live in an affluence driven world. Businesses and individuals all need money to survive. The three main types of finance are personal, corporate and public finance. Although considered different categories, these three types of finance all have the same objective. The three types are all associated with making smart investments, gathering low cost credit, allocating funds, and banking. The only difference is that these categories are meant for all different types of people. Corporate might be for a large company, while personal might be for a wealthy business man who needs a plan personalized to his life. In addition to these, public finance usually deals with the government regulating markets and keeping the economy in good shape. As someone who has been interested in the idea of…

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