Types Of Facilities For A Health Information Management Essay

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Types of Facilities Information provided by the Lee County Domestic Animal Services states that there are 68 veterinary clinics and emergency clinics as of April 22, 2013 in Lee County that provide care and treatment services to domestic and stray animals (Lee County Domestic Animal Services, 2013).
Regulations in the Veterinary Setting
Regulations and Licensing
The veterinary practice setting for a health information management professional has comparing and contrasting regulation rules when related to the human health care setting regulations. The American Veterinary Medical Association sets the overall standards, guidelines, and policies for veterinary facilities, but it is also imperative to clarify that the American Veterinary Medical Associations standards, guidelines, and policies do not surpass the laws and regulations established by the government or state. Regulations in the many veterinary delivery facilities are chiefly enforced by the state in which the practice is located and it very often differs from state to state, entailing primarily of licensing, reporting and inspecting. The American Veterinary Medical Association provides a model veterinary practice act that aids as a template in regards to laws, regulations, and guidelines that a state can implement into their own regulation procedures for veterinary delivery settings. The American Veterinary Medical Association also outlines licensing requirements (AVMA State Legislative and Regulatory Department,…

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