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10 Types of Emails Your Customers Will Love

The money isn 't in the list. It 's in your relationship with the list.

How can you build great relationships with your email subs?

You need to provide them value. You need to give fascinating information that 's easy to consume.

You can send the emails below as standalone emails. Or you can combine some of the ideas below into a newsletter. Or you can do both.

1) Feedback Emails

Customer feedback gives you free data you can use to improve your business. Yet, it provides your customers value too. People like to make things better.

Here are some golden rules when setting up a survey. You 'll definitely want to check these out, since it 's not necessarily an intuitive process. Additionally, here 's a link to a review of free and paid survey-makers.

2) Educational Emails

What do your subs want to learn? Good tutorials should be:

1) Relevant
2) Simple as possible (but no simpler)

It 's that straightforward. Find something your subs want to learn, and give them the easiest possible way to learn it.

That 's probably not your original content. Linking to other people 's videos, inforgraphics, and articles often gives you the highest ROI.

3) Holiday Emails

People love holidays. And the small ones are worth talking about too. Here 's an example.

Holiday: January 28 is Data Privacy…

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