Types Of Delivery Mechanisms For Students Essay

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Types of Delivery Mechanisms
There are many different types of delivery mechanisms, all different, but all were developed to help provide a delivery of a product from one source to another source. I have talked with my assistant principal, Mr. Shirk, about the different delivery mechanisms that are being used throughout our school. We talked about how teachers deliver their message to their students. How students deliver their message to their teachers. Parents, administrators, secretaries, food personal, custodians and maintenance workers all use different delivery mechanisms. The way that things are delivered is different. A teacher is going to communicate with students, delivering information in different ways. Foods personal are going to feed the students and teachers meals. Parents are going to communicate with the schools, picking up and dropping off their children at school. Delivery Mechanisms are not just for delivering information to the masses, but also delivery objects to others.

Variety of delivery mechanisms

Teachers are delivering information to the students in a variety of different ways. We have teachers that use google classroom to help deliver the information to the students (J. Shirk, personal communication, May 31, 2016). We have a lot of teacher that have begun to utilize google classroom. This is a format that helps the teacher deliver the classroom information to the students. The students are able to access their accounts from anywhere that has…

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