Types Of Conflict Patterns For A Questionnaire On Relationships

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What were your overall results for this questionnaire?

After taking this questionnaire and basing it off my sister and mom I found that with my sister I have an equal low/high tendency to pursue and a low tendency to withdraw with my mom I found that I have a low tendency to pursue and a low tendency to withdraw. I wasn’t that surprised by the results as I am well aware of how I act in conflict with both of them, but it was interesting to think about each question and ask myself if I was really circling the correct answer or rather circling an answer that made me feel better about how I handle conflict with my sister and my mom.

How do you think your relational partner would answer these same questions? (You may ask him or her if you wish.)
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Is one style adequate to describe your relationships? Why or why not? I think that my main conflict pattern is withdrawl-pursuit because for both of my relationships I found that I am mainly at a Low Tendency / Low Withdrawal. Which wasn’t too surprising as I definitely do know myself and how I act in conflict, although it was interesting to see the exacts and how I may be able to work on how I handle conflict. I think for right now one style of adequate does describe my relationships pretty well mainly because that’s how I feel and see myself right now. For me, taking the questionnaire helped to verify how I work in conflict and also showed me some things that I could work on in the future. One day I might come back and re-take the questionnaire to find that other styles of adequate fit me but for now I think withdraw-pursuit fits me …show more content…
I mainly think this because I feel like I know myself pretty well and how I react towards conflict, especially conflict in both of the relationships I did the questionnaire about. I feel like overtime you start to understand how you act towards conflict, and that may be influenced by events in your life or by what type of relationship you have with a certain person. Overtime it becomes easier to recognize what conflict of pattern you have in a relationship, especially if you have have known that person for a long

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