Types Of Arthritis : Do ' S And Dont ' Essay

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Arthritis can be very limiting , but it doesn 't have to rule your life. Your target should be "Take control of your pain ,so it doesn 't control you.


It is not true that nothing can be done with pain of arthritis, but it is also true that there is no magic potion that will work immediately. Treatment will take time in this condition.

DO 'S • whatever your condition , you 'll have an easier staying ahead of your pain if you:

• Make sure that you speak with your doctor about all of your symptoms . . . even if you think that they’re nothing to do with your arthritis they just might be and that will help him to build a complete picture of your well being. • Ask your doctor for a clear definition of the type of arthritis you have • Find out if any of your joints are already destroyed • stay focussed on yourself as well as the treatment goals:usually for fast relief people suffering from arthritis ask their friends or relatives ,what they take if they to suffer from this problem. But it is not advisable as it is not necessary that what works for one will also work for one will also work for another arthritic patient. So concentrate in your own problem • Should be realistic with your expectations: person suffering from the pain of arthritis has to consider physical therapy ,dietary changes, natural and alternative treatments in addition to prescription…

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