Types Of A Socratic Seminars Is An Awareness Of Costa 's Levels Of Thinking And / Or. Bloom

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Panelists will see the following AVID lesson.
AVID Standards:
• l6-INQ.A1: Develop an awareness of Costa’s Levels of Thinking and/or
• Bloom’s Taxonomy.
• 6-INQ.C1: Introduce the basic components of a Socratic Seminars using topics based on student interest, in this lesson.
• Essential Question: “How are Socratic Seminars similar to AVID tutorials?”
• Student Objective: Reflect on the Socratic Seminar process, their experience participating in the Socratic Seminar, and the personal and group skills used in the activity.

First, students will pre-read an AVID Weekly Article by numbering each of the paragraphs of the text, and then read the title and the first paragraph of the text. Second, students will write a one-sentence prediction about what they think the text is about, then read the AVID Weekly Article. While reading the article, students will interact with the text by circling key words. Students will then write one higher level question (Costa 's Level 2 or 3) they have about the text. The question can be directly related to the text, or something outside of the text which the article caused them to ponder. The seminar leader will pose an opening question, then dialogue will begin with participants responding to the opening question. This continues until all questions have been explored and students will provide their closing thoughts in a Whip-Around Activity. Students will debrief and reflect upon the process as they use the Socratic Rubric as an evaluation…

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