Types And Kinds Of Transportation Vehicles Today Essay

1458 Words Dec 9th, 2016 6 Pages
There are so many different types and kinds of transportation vehicles today. With the advancement of technology, different vehicles contain different technology that help the vehicle run more efficiently, and benefit the needs and wants of different consumers every day. Transportation has become very essential in today’s day in age. Here in the United States, citizens are blessed to own the vehicle(s) that they own. Some are more blessed than others and have attained the cars that others could only fathom having. People need vehicles every day to get to their job, the grocery store, and other residencies; moreover, a lot of people today have a form of transportation whether their transportation is a bus, bike, or even a train. Vehicle manufacturers make similar cars, but some stand out in a specific attribute of their vehicles. When people utter that they need a vehicle that is a very broad approach to pursuing the car that an individuals’ needs or wants. The five main types of transportation vehicles that an individual may possess, or want could consist of and is not limited to a sport, luxury, fuel economy, road trip, and a vehicle more entitled to the needs of someone that does work that requires them to carry tools and other things in the trunk of their car. A sports car has become very popular throughout the years, and many people own a sports car today. These vehicles are usually one of the smaller and fast cars nowadays. Examples of the car manufacturers that stand…

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