Tyler Perry: the Pursuit of Happiness and Freedom Essay

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Tyler Perry: The Pursuit of Happiness and Freedom
Lisa Jones
Kaplan University

The pursuit of happiness and freedom is a given right of any American citizen, but there are some that stand out and continue to make the best life for themselves and those in need. By statistics, Tyler Perry’s life seemed bleak and one that would fall a victim to his environment. He grew up a poor kid in New Orleans, the middle child out of four (“Tyler Perry Biography,” 2008). He was born Emmitt Perry Jr, but the pain from his childhood caused him to change his name and distance himself from his father (“Tyler Perry Biography,” 2008). He had the loving guidance of his mother, Willie Maxine Perry to contrast the pain that his father, Emmitt,
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In 1998, he decided to give the play one more chance before giving it all up. This was the break that Tyler needed. He began to sell out shows with his message of healing and redemption. He started receiving offers from promoters that once told him, no. All his hard work began to pay off for him, but that did not stop him there. He went on to write even more screenplays and eventually turning those plays into movies. Doors started to open for Perry; he has also added television sitcom to his long list of achievement (Hughes, 2004). Perry is now in a position to help other up and coming artist to pursue their dreams. He has a studio, Tyler Perry Studios, where he has full ownership of his own movies, but now he’s in a position to help out up and coming new artist realize their dreams (Hira, 2007). He’s always on the search for new faces, and talent to amaze his audience. He recently found a group, Craig Lewis Band, on you tube singing the Brady Bunch theme song (YouTube, 2007). He invited them on his recent stage play tour, Madea’s Big Happy Family and they also made an appearance on Oprah. Tyler also gives back to his community through different charitable causes. He has made many donations to worthy causes, but children and homelessness is close to his heart (Saunders, 2009). He has donated and raised money to support the Katrina and Haiti relief

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