Tyler Perry Legacy

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“I was a very poor young black boy in New Orleans, just a face without a name, swimming in sea of poverty trying to survive,” quoted by one of the most successful filmmakers in the United States. Writer, Producer, Actor, Director. Born Emmitt Perry Jr. on September 13, 1969, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tyler Perry has forged his own way in the entertainment industry, building an empire that consist of successful films, plays, and even best selling books. One of four children, had a difficult childhood, suffering years of abuse at the hand of his father, and molestation, not only that he grew up with many issues of poverty. Once he got his career started he suffered many blows, to try and be discovered as a great writer. No matter where he went …show more content…
From poverty to abuse and molestation, than his struggling career, he still reign supreme. He is still alive just like his legacy, and that legacy will live on even after his death. His plays will make people laugh, cry and understand, for they will understand his life through Tyler's plays, or maybe even understand their own life. Because just like he said “Everyone can relate to love, hurt, pain, learning how to forgive, needing to get over, needing the power of God in their life.” Tyler Perry started making movies around 2005. Tyler perry changed his name from Emmitt Perry Jr. He is Good friends with Janet Jackson, Will Smith & Oprah Winfrey. Tyler Perry dropped out of high school at the age of 16. He went back to school and received a certificate for passing the General Educational Development (GED) test. Tyler Perry started writing his papers around the age of 18. He moved to Atlanta early 1990’s. He was homeless for a certain period of time. “Tyler Perry says he’s allergic to small minded people & he also say that he rather be at home with his animals that be in the lights, He’s introvert, germaphobe.” When Tyler Perry was little his dad made him change a tire on his car. He too little and weak to get the bolts off bc they were rusted and really tight. His dad couldn’t change the tire either so he took it upon himself to start beating Tyler. He has received a lot of beaten from his dad, one time he blacked out for about three days. The other time he tried to sliit his wrist to commit suicide but he had to think about his mother and what she would say or do. He received some sexual abuse as a little kid. One time he was building a bird nest with his neighbor and he just suddenly felt the man putting his hands down his pants. The other time the man from church used God and the bible against him, to persuade him about what was really going

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