Two Sides Of The Same Coin Essay

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Two Sides of the Same Coin Imagine a world in which there is little to no freedom or opinion. The ruling group regulates opinions, work, ambitions, ideas, interests, possessions, and almost every other aspect of life. There is no difference in opinion from the ruling group, because the leaders do not allow it. Any infraction or thought against the ruling group is punishable by death. Any “rebels” or “heretics” disappear and/or are used as examples. Almost no member of the general public sees anything wrong with the regime because he/she is either conditioned not to or too scared to speak against the rulers because of the harsh consequences. This leads to a totalitarian society that is not changing because of the combination of powerful rulers and weak-willed people who will not stand up for their natural-born rights. Many people believe that this type of society could never exist, but sadly, they are incorrect. A society and government very similar to the above description has existed in both Nazi Germany and Orwell’s 1984. Nazi Germany first began with the Nazi Party’s rise to power. Peter Black, a historian, wrote that, “Hitler wouldn’t have happened without World War I and its aftermath” (Brown). This is true because the war had devastating effects on Germany, including a stripping of military might after the forced signing of the Treaty of Versailles and a forced payment of reparations for the cost of the war that was payed monthly (Brown). These caused a huge…

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