Two Sides Of Nursing : Is The Reality Of The Good And Bad About Being A Nurse?

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Both Sides of Nursing When you hear someone say they are a registered nurse, one automatically thinks about the amount of money they make. People do not realize that RNs have a tough, but very rewarding, job, that it is more than just money. RNs work 12-hour shifts or more depending on the number of patients. Included with the 12-hour shifts, RNs scheduling, at times, will be different from your typical schedule, working on holidays, birthdays and special occasions. Aside from some difficulty they encounter, RNs get to experience miracles every day, making every 12-hour shift and missed occasions as special as it can get. By accepting the reality of the good and bad about being a nurse, one will better understand that being a nurse is being able to interact with patients on a different kind of level, and helping people when they are hurt or sick.
The Reality of Nursing When you decide that you want to become an RN that is the moment your whole life changes. There are many things to consider when you want to become a nurse, like if you want to go for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, what specialty you want to go to, where you want to work, and if you want to work day or night. That is just the beginning of the many choices that will come later on in the future when you are actually a nurse. Being a nurse will bring you many joys, and a lot of valuable lessons that will make you better in every aspect. But first, you have to understand that there are a lot of…

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