Cause And Effect Of Sex Trafficking

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Human Trafficking is an enormous phenomenon that is affecting vast majorities of individuals all around the world. It is a horrific event that can happen to anyone and can lead to devastating outcomes. There are two major types of human trafficking, which include sex and labor trafficking. Sex trafficking is the act of holding someone against their will and forcing the victim to engage in unwanted sexual activity. Labor trafficking is associated with modern-day slavery and is when individuals perform labor through force, scare tactics, fraud, or coercion and can even include child labor. Human trafficking can also have a great toll on the victim physically and mentally because of such horrible living conditions and treatment. Human trafficking is such a vile act that the …show more content…
Sex trafficking is dealing with mostly women, but also a small percentage of men, getting raped multiple times a day while they are trapped.It can even expand to the point where these victims are sold, traded, or handled like worthless objects that no one cares about. According to an article written by a volunteer organization for women named Soroptimist, their article “Human Trafficking Facts” states, “ There is an act called sex tourism…[These] sex tours explicitly feature young girls.The tours are marketed specifically to pedophiles who prey on young children, and men who believe that having sex with virgins or young girls will cure sexually transmitted diseases.” ( Human Trafficking) These criminals will not only be satisfied by selling their victim on the streets, but will offer their “possession”around the world like an object to pedophiles with no regrets. Human trafficking has such a great impact on the victim that it is surprising if many of them survive or are the same person as before. But, there is another form of human trafficking these sick and twisted criminals use to achieve their

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