Two Heads Are Better Than One Essay

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The words “None of us is as smart as all of us,” (Eric Schmidt) have been shared throughout time and have been expressed in a variety of ways. The most popular are: “Two heads are better than one,” and “You can 't have a class with one student.” What these cliches are saying, is that every person has individual knowledge that one other person could not replicate down to the last thought. There are facts and basic ideals that are known in the world, but the way that we interpret and pursue these ideas are what make us different and allow us to express opposing, debatable and agreeable views. For example; if given the idea that the universe is currently existing, and asking three separate parties how it came to be, one will most likely receive three different answers such as: “I believe in evolution, the Big Bang, I 'm not a creationist. Which isn 't to say that I don 't believe in God, or a higher power,” or “I believe that God created the Heavens and the Earth. I believe that it took awhile but that it did happen” and even “I believe in a mixture of science and religion. I don 't see why the Big Bang couldn 't have happened by God 's hands.” Even if a person were to ask someone who agrees in the same general concept, if they poke and prod further, they will gather a different variation when it comes to the specifics. But even so, one can almost split these people into different groups based on their opinions, although even then, there could still remain the chance that not…

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