Essay Two Core Principles Create The Foundation For The Onestate

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Two core principles create the foundation for the OneState in Zamyatin’s We: the idea that humans are machines that need to be perfected, and the idea that rationality is the only correct way of thinking about the world. Both of these principles are not inherently evil or irrational, however, as the OneState takes their ideals to the extreme, their principles become less understandable and increasingly unreasonable. D-503’s use of mathematical language and the way he punctuates his record entries helps clue us in to how logical or irrational the OneState’s policies are. The OneState places rationality over all other forms of thought: “it is...clear that in We the social structure of the One State is founded on a commitment to what is, traditionally, the central principle of all science and scientific explanation, namely the principle of 'rationality '” (Burns 69). The submission of all citizens of the OneState to the “central principle” of scientific thought above all other forms of thought is what allows the OneState’s principles to turn into mad science, in the form of turning man into machines. One can see the submission to scientific thought clearly when D-503 sees a dance and remarks, “Why is the dance beautiful? Answer: because it is nonfree movement, because all the fundamental significance of the dance lies precisely in its aesthetic subjection, its ideal nonfreedom” (Zamyatin 6). Dance traditionally requires one to use more subjective, and less objective thought…

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