My Twin Relationship-Personal Narrative

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A twin relationship is more than just a simple sibling relationship. My twin sister Bethany and I were born two minutes apart from each other on September 19th, 1998. We have been inseparable since birth. We have since developed our lifelong friendship into a storybook of many memories of times that we have had together.

Tension/Conflict/ Suspense

The bond between fraternal twins simply cannot be explained, as one must experience it to feel the full spectrum. When my sister and I were just babies, we were just learning the basic words of the English language, such as mom and dad. However, when it came to the point that we were beginning to recognize each other more each day, my sister and I learned
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I loved to climb to the tops of the furniture. My sister would hold a ride on toy, so I could climb on to top of the couch, table, or cabinets. Then my twin sister would stay on the ground, as my partner in crime, watching me dangerously climb on the furniture. My mom was often worried that we would fall and injure ourselves. However, despite that risk, I continued anyway. Another one of our favorite ventures was.going into the food cabinets, and pulling out everything just for the fun of it. This resulted in many items of food being spilled out all over the floor. Then we often played in the recently emptied portion of the cabinets. Our mom often had to clean up after us. We also wanted to marry each other when we younger, which humorously is impossible, but it showed how good of friends we were and still are. As my sister and I became older, we went through many more scenarios together. Some of the scenarios include making messes with Playdough in the kitchen, to playing outside on the swing set at our house. We also rode our bikes together on our driveway. It was especially fun when we were given a double seat bicycle, and we could both pedal together on the bike in a synchronized fashion. Another time when the bond between my sister showed is when we

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