Twin Elms : A Concentration Camp For The Old Essay

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In as we are now, an old woman, Caro Spencer, seven-six years old retired school teacher and never married. Her brother, John and his young wife decide put Caro into a rural nursing facility, Twin Elms which is located in New Hampshire. Because Caro is unable to live on her own, and her brother can no longer be able to take care of Caro after her operation of heart disease, since she is just too frail. Twin Elms is described as “a concentration camp for the old, a place where people dump their parents or relatives exactly as though it were an ash can” by Caro. The administrator and head nurse treat her rudely, like a prisoner, so she can not able to be herself. Every thing important to her has been taken away from her, for example music, and poetries. Also, she believes they drug her in the coffee. The only signs of life around the place are some noisy geese and a sweet cat named pansy which is not allowed to be in the building. The last activity for her is writing journal, which she calls “the book of the dead”.
Anna is the one who can cheer Caro up, because Anna treat her kindly. Anna makes Caro’s life burning and rich again. But unfortunately, Anna is just here for two weeks while the owners are not there. Other than Anna, the only ally of Caro is Standish Flint, his presence has important meaning to Caro. I believe he has the biggest impact to Caro.
In the end, Caro gets enough of anyone who abuses her and denies her kindness, she decides to revenge. So finally, she…

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