Twelfth Night Techniques

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Twelfth Night
Going to the Longwood production of Twelfth Night proved very intriguing from the talented actors, to amazing costumes, extravagant lighting, and slightly modern setting. However, while I enjoyed the performance as a whole; there were a few technical issues that distracted from the overall aesthetic of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Set design is what brings an audience that possibly had no context for the show into the life of the characters. It allows the audience to really step into the world of the play. I believe that the rendition of Twelfth Night that the school had done made some appropriate choices in its set design. However, the screen in the back did not go well with the atmosphere that was provided. Honestly, it was distracting and could have detracted for the overall suspension of disbelief. Especially the pictures that were given I thought they were more modern than then the twenties feeling that they were trying to give. I was expecting a more rustic and industrial feeling of the roaring twenties but was
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The costumes had fit the time period that they were trying to hit. The one individual who had the most costume changes would have to be Olivia which supported every scene that she was in but they probably could have done without some of them. Sir Toby and Sir Andrew had issues with their facial hair. Sir Toby’s beard had fallen off in the middle of his amazing performance and I could not get over that. He had returned with the beard reattached but sadly did not last very long as it had fallen off and was stuck to his leg. He later returns with what looks like charcoal rubbed on his face. It looked massy and unprofessional and was honestly a distraction the whole time. For Sir Andrew this problem did not last the whole time he had gone off stage and fixed properly. I understand these things happen but it should have been dealt with properly the first

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