Twelfth Night Drama Analysis

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In seventeenth century England, it was extremely taboo for women to act any form of theatre, even when scripts call for a female role. Consequently, all performances, including all of Shakespeare 's works, during this era were of all male cast. Since it is no longer out of the norm for females to take part in theatre, Lisa Wolpe has directed multiple plays, in which were originally all male performances, with full female casts. One such play was her twist on Williams Shakespeare’s Twelfth night presented in The University of Colorado at Boulder’s University Theatre. With all roles being played by women, a new and unique perspective of Twelfth Night found its way to me. However, I believe that the performance was at most satisfactory, were very little moments in which I felt completely engaged, and no outstanding elements in acting or design. In Twelfth Night, Viola and Sebastian …show more content…
Both, presuming the other to have drowned, headed to the nearby Island in search of refuge. Viola did not think that she could get by as a women in the country therefore, she dressed in her brother 's clothes and took an the alter ego of Cesario. She found herself a job as a servant to Duke Orsino who was madly in love with Olivia. Viola was appointed to woo Olivia and Orsino’s behalf, but to Viola’s alarm, Olivia fell in love with her and at the same time, Viola was falling for Orsino. This love triangle ensues throughout the play until Sebastian is thrown into the mix and the twins begin to be mistaken for one another. Finally, after much confusion, Viola and Sebastian are at the same place at the same time and learn that the

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