Essay about Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare

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In Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, characters are gendered in the way they speak about love, as male characters, such as Orsino, articulate about love in a tactical and orchestrated way, while female characters, such as Viola, speak about love freely and off the cuff. These display of love, convey that male characters in the play view love as a goal that must be achieved and to do so must plan how to gain love. However for female characters love is a consequence of character and actions, it is not the goal for the female character to fall in love but rather, love just happens.
If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it that, surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken and so die.
That strain again, it had a dying fall.
O, it came o’er my ear like the sweet sound
That breathes upon a bank of violets,
Stealing and giving odour. Enough, no more,
’Tis not so sweet now as it was before. 1.1 1-8
The play opens with these lines from Orsino as he conveys music with the effects of being in love. “Give me excess of it that, sufeiting, the appetite may sicken and so die.” To Orsino 's love is both the vain and the reason of his existence, he hates the turmoil that comes from love but enjoys the emotions love brings him. To gain love you must have both the good and the bad. However Orsino wants love so badly that he calculates the ways to obtain it, he writes poems and marks his words with both poise and meaning. To Orsino 's love is a game he must…

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