Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare Essay

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Feste, a licensed Fool of both clever and skill, was hired as a man who was merely more than just a Fool. William Shakespeare, in the Twelfth Night; or What You Will, chooses Feste as a stock character to emphasize the Romantic issues within the comedy and the spirit of Twelfth Night festivities they took place in Illyria. Moving between Orsion’s court and Olivia’s house, Feste/Fool helps to give the play its unity, connects and holds the component parts of the play together.
As a court jester in Illyria, Feste was inherited to Lady Olivia 's from her father who took much pleasure in him. Olivia was, a distinguished, wealthy, beautiful desirable Renaissance woman and Feste’s job was to entertain by singing, dancing and cracking jokes with everyone around. In Act 1, Scene 5, Feste enters the scene and quickly began his wisecracks with Maria. Maria, Olivia’s servant was telling Feste how much trouble he was going to be in for being unaccountable for a period of time. Feste was quick to respond with “Let her hang me. He that is well hanged in this world needs to fear no colors” (1.5.4-5) Nevertheless, Olivia felt Feste was unreliable and boring and asked for him to be taken away. “Go to, you’re a dry fool. I’ll no more of you. Besides, you grow dishonest” (1.5.36-37). Feste, was reluctant to give up so easily and due to his persistence, he could prove to Olivia and the others that he wasn’t boring, and even though he looked like a fool, he was sharp minded. Once he proved his…

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