Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare Essay

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Twelfth Night was a very intriguing play, filled with different emotions and possible interpretations of each of the characters. The scholarly journals, reviews, and articles that I researched for my future creative project for paper #4 all have to do with Twelfth Night as a whole. My fourth paper will be my own view and perspective of Twelfth Night with a twist. I would like to make the story based in today 's modern culture and play around with how all of the events that took place in Twelfth Night, would take place today. I will also switch around some of the scenes, by cutting out some events and also placing in some new events. My research mostly consisted of the general information of Twelfth Night. I wanted to get a really good feel for the story and make sure I understood the events and literary writing of Shakespeare back in the early 1600s. One of the scholarly journals that I researched was a review of the play. This was interesting because Kenneth Gross, the author of the review, spoke about the specific descriptions of some of the characters and how they behaved on stage. This article in particular helped me get an idea of how the characters behave and what characteristics they could possibly have in my future creative paper. The other scholarly articles mostly talked about some of the technical aspects of the play and how the characters behave with each other. Another article talked about some of the gender issues and conflicts throughout the play. It was…

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