Tv Show Eng 118 Essay

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Lou, Sijia
Professor Manly
ENG 108
Feb, 26, 2011

Summary 1: Article
In the article “What Are Friends For? Power and Pain” which was written be Alessandra Stanley, we can know that the author thinks in adults’ world friendship is more constant than romances, but this rule is not right in the youths. Young people pay more attention to love than friendships, so in young’s world the friendships are more variable than the romances. This concept is also right in the “Gossip Girl”. This TV show talked about the friendship, power, romance, gossip and fashion in the campus between the boys and girls.
Some parents think this TV show isn’t suitable for their children, because the contents in “Gossip Girl” let their children grow faster to
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While Blair refused the date with Prince Louis and Chuck was getting ready to turn back to New York with Eva. He said: “I’m Chuck Bass.”

Evaluation: The Gossip Girl’s executive producers know that in some aspect, teenager always like doing something their parents didn’t allow to gain more attentions. Because they know what teenager want, their TV show averaged 2.6 million viewers per new episode and about 500,000 are teens. So the “Gossip Girl” is really popular in the teens. Even it is higher than the common high school life, it looks like real. Everyone knows it is just a soap opera. In the real life, do they ever dress like designer-clad sex kittens with school uniform minis just like Queen Blair? NO! Well maybe occasionally on weekends. On a report it said that Gossip Girl series have an effect on females aged between 18 and 25 years on many aspects, such as morality, behavior and fashion and clothing.
At first, the series affects the viewers’ conception of modernity. By modernity, women’s emancipation, breaking ties with social taboos (sex, love, affairs…), and questioning the traditional value of society.
The second is the series affects the audience’s lifestyle. Based on the interviews conducted it seems that Gossip Girl series did affect the behavior and morality. In the TV show, Blair and In other words, Gossip Girl doesn’t have any same with our real life even though it looks like a

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