Tv Makes You Smarter Essay

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TV Makes You Smarter

Everyday people watch some level of television. Whether it is the news, sports, a movie or a reality show, it is a pastime that people look forward to and/or come to rely on in their daily routine. There are some programs that have a lot of violence and perhaps should be watched minimally or by an appropriately aged audience. However, there are many other programs that do not have violence and actually educate us, working subconsciously, without us even knowing it. For this reason, watching television in moderation is not harmful and can be very educational. In the article “Watching TV Makes You Smarter” by Steven Johnson, he states that watching television will make you smarter. He goes on to mention that
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Based on an article on “Reading Rainbow: TV Good Enough to Read!” the goal of Reading Rainbow was to encourage independent reading among home viewers by featuring quality literature for children. Through the use of fascinating and often exotic segments, its intent was to send children to libraries looking for information about the high interest topics presented. In its 20-plus years of existence and 150 programs, Reading Rainbow has managed to maintain these goals yet become one of the top-rated television programs in classrooms for instructional purposes. At the end of the program, the educators recommend a book that the child should read when they next visit the local library (RR: TV Good Enough to Read!). Aside from the shows that are particularly set up to teach you, other show genres such as actions, drama, comedy, and reality all have a way of making the viewer use their mind. The TV show called The Simpsons is about a middle class American lifestyle who parodies American culture, society, television, and many aspects of human condition (Wiki Para. 2). Douglas Rushkoff suggests in Bart Simpson: Prince of Irreverence, The Simpsons has a complex structure and, "Rather than drawing us into the hypnotic spell of the traditional story teller, The Simpsons invites

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