Tv Argumentative Essay

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After a long day’s work, Jim comes home from his labor-intensive job as a car mechanic tired, stressed, and frustrated. His customers today were particularly wearisome because he had trouble keeping up with an overload of car repair request that seemed to flood the shop within the last couple of days. What made matters worse was the fact that two of his assistants called in sick because of the flu, forcing him to take on a triple workload. Pushing thoughts of such a horrible day out his mind, he toyed with the thought of releasing some of his pent up frustration with the idea of going to the gym, or even better, a nice long jog. He should go; he had not been in months. Instead, Jim made a beeline for his living room, plopped down on the …show more content…
First, many people argue television is beneficial after a long, hard day’s work and argue that television is an excellent way to unwind and relieve stress. However, more often than not, people spend countless hours attempting to stay up as late as possible to surf the channels, to finish a movie, or to watch show after show. Furthermore, by exposing the mind to a constant stream of action, lights, sounds, negative news reports, and violence, this activity actually leads to less sleep, more anxiety, and worsening depression. A second argument in favor of television is the argument that it can be educational. While this may be true to an extent, the viewer must be careful to check the validity of facts in a television programs. Many educational T.V shows may be basing their information un-objectively towards a certain point of view or belief, and may distort facts presented on television. Televised presidential debates are a great example of presentation in distortion of facts. Opposing candidates may change little bits and pieces of information or personal accomplishments in order to place themselves in a better light to the American public. Even worse, they sometimes distort information about their opponents in order to place their rival in a negative light. Sadly, this equates to a greatly misled and confused public and only serves to hurt the nation as a

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