Turning The World Essay

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Turning the World

“When i think about search, it is such a deep thing for all of us, to understand what you want and to understand the world’s information (Page)”. Search is what I have dedicated my life to find, and to share with the entire world. When my partner Sergey Brin and I developed our search engine, Google, I had the image of a librarian that knew everything in my head (“The Widespread Impact”). Thus, Google started out by matching the words someone typed to links in a database, organizing information like a library organized books. However, I believe that somewhere in this technological horizon rising upon us, Google can become more than a search engine. “When you type in a query… we know deeply what you want, to give you that exact right thing (“The Widespread Impa”)”. As we at Google continue to develop towards greater success and bring technology to a person level, I have thought often about what life has taught me. As the 19th wealthiest person in the world (Forbes), I, Larry page believe the key to success in life comes with zealous ambition for education, pursuit and dedication towards the advancement of technology, and wise financial strategy and use of monetary profit.

The accumulation of diverse knowledge is what must drive our society and I believe that people need to be motivated towards this desire essentially to advance society, as well as technology. Even in the technological society that we live in today, two out of three people do not…

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